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The power of knowledge

Rebel Academy was launched out of our desire to give back to the community and change the trajectory of others’ lives. Higher education is facing an increasingly difficult landscape. Our approach bridges the knowledge gaps between education and real-world training.

As a rapidly growing business, our rebellious leaders and digital marketing experts curated a thorough training curriculum for our new Rebels, providing skills such as emotional intelligence, building business acumen and empathetic communications.

It takes more than just a textbook. We learn by reading, watching, listening, trying, failing, teaching and reflecting. We’re taking our online knowledge-based mixed media training program to the next level, giving you a chance to enter — or re-enter — the workforce with the skills you need.

Included in your galaxy:

Curriculum curated to fit your style of learning

Control the speed of learning with self-paced courses

Experience from Rebels who understand the nuances of real life situations

Get your internet ready for 100% online availability

In-person learning, as needed

1:1 coaching, a safety net to catch you when you fall and let you try again

Connect and network with Rebels to find your next mission

*Spacesuit not included

The future of learning is here.
Partner with us to:

  • Use our learnings to build your Academy
  • Onboard, train and grow your employees or students
  • Provide access to our direct marketing experience and beyond
  • Give students entry into networking and employment opportunities
  • Create a path employees need to hit the ground running
Join the race

Find your beyond:

SEO 101

If no one can find your website, does it even exist? A strong SEO strategy is greater than search engines; it’s about understanding how people think and what drives their searches. Learn the basics to start building your foundational knowledge in SEO.

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Business Strategy 201

Let’s go for a little ride, put your spacesuit on. Learn how to ask hard questions designed to challenge, educate, and illuminate. You’ll understand how to drive actionable, insight-based recommendations that accelerate the growth of a business. You can co-pilot the creation and execution of business-model optimizations, market expansion opportunities, and/or advanced branding, marketing & advertising programs.

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Building Relationships 101

Reflect back on the good days at work. What's driving that feeling of pride and satisfaction? When it all Relationships and people are at the core of it all. Understand how to build meaningful relationships, work in the trenches together, and communicate on a deeper level with your teammates to drive work that works.

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Rebel Academy: to positively impact as many lives as possible through the power of knowledge in a fun, engaging, accessible — rebellious — way.

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